“New technology. New ways of doing things. I wanted to invest in NEW. I wanted us to take some giant visionary-like leaps. Be more than JUST basketball players. I was thinking about Mitch’s town a lot. He created SOMETHING. Something I didn’t think was possible. I wanted to do the same. I was tired of my people being associated with lack. I was tired of that lack being ROMANTICIZED. I thought it was OUR time to BE the future!… I was feeling a lot like Frankie from Nikko Leno’s book ‘Burden Song’—the part when he’s sittin’ on the porch stairs, lookin’ up at the stars, his grandma says to him, ‘You starin’ up there like you got a friend in those stars.’ Frankie replies, ‘Don’t know if they’re friend or foe yet gramma, gotta meet ‘em first.’ Grandma: ‘How you reckon you gonna do that?’ Frankie: ‘Don’t know, but I do know ONE of us is gonna have to do something. Soon.’… I DID something, but instead of building a rocket ship like Frankie, I built an empire of possibilities… I’m not SUPPOSED to be here. I’m not supposed to have this POWER. I’m not supposed to MATTER. But LOOK! Just LOOK! I’m right here, right in front of you. I CANNOT be denied…no matter how impossible I may seem.”