[“People say I have a god complex… They say it like it’s a bad thing, like it’s something I should be ashamed of. I don’t understand how people can be content with just SERVING a god. Why not BECOME one? Personally, I think we should try to acquire as many ‘god powers’ as possible. Gods are protected, rewarded…immune to the things that befall mere mortals. Check it out… If I get sick I can afford the best medical care…I mean brand new stuff that only a few people even know about. If I get into a little trouble I have a team of highly skilled lawyers to get me out of it. If I want a fillet of Chilean Seabass cooked to absolute perfection I have a personal chef who can whip it up for me. If I feel like watchin’ the sun rise over the Dead Sea I have a private jet that can take me there RIGHT NOW. The world is more mine than it is yours. And yes, without the money I wouldn’t have the protection, the extravagance, but it is my DRIVE to BECOME a god that GETS the money! Don’t you see?! I am chosen! The drive was within me since day one! I came out the womb knowin’ how to make it; I came equipped to live on this planet well-as-hell! It don’t matter the century either—13th, 17th, 21st, 87th—whatever! My bloodlines are supposed to flow through palaces, castles and mansions. That shit is literally written in my DNA! The mere-mortal crowd may think otherwise, but look at where they are—stuck—simultaneously worshiping and hating dreamers like me for wanting more than what THEY were TOLD was enough.”]