“He wasn’t doin’ nothin’ but fuckin’ up the game. He was like a damn virus!… The worst part is that the nigga wasn’t even a ball-player! Yeah, he knew ‘how’ to play an’ he had ‘incredible talent,’ but he wasn’t a ball-playa down to his socks, deep in his bones. Man…I can’t tell you how hard it was watchin’ niggas you had known since grade-school pullin’ these white-glove-big-teeth routines in the media just to ‘maintain the integrity of their brands.’ Every nigga was an entrepreneur back then. ‘I’m tryin’ to be ‘up there with them billionaires.’ That’s what every nigga was sayin.’ Just a’buncha dumbasses playin’ the bullshit game—the game where everybody lies to each other and they’re all aware that everyone is lying, but since they’re all living off the lie they swallow their pride, hand over their souls and just keep bullshittin.’ That’s a sick system. You can’t be a real muthafucka in a system like that. And we have frequent fraudulent-nigga-of-the-year award-winner Early Free to thank for that.”

ac rivera