“Wait. Wait. Wait… We gotta slow this down. We gotta go back. We zipped through Free Planning, theCREAT0R…now we’re on ‘the market’ and Noy Water. We went too far. Too fast. We gotta go back. Yes, yes, I know; it’s my fault. I participated, I gotta little carried away. I’m sorry. But it’s time to go back now. This has gotta be about THAT summer. I don’t think people REALLY understand what happened then. Everything changed THEN.”


“There are only but a few types’a spirits runnin’ around out there. I don’t know how many an’ I don’t know why they do what they do. I simply study them… I like to watch the game they play—it’s a kind of perpetual look-at-me contest; an eternal after dinner talent show in front of company… Great place to watch ‘em play is under the bright lights. They’re brash, flamboyant when washed in the brilliance; you can see ‘em screamin’ through the faces… Just look at all those FACES! They’re everywhere! Still. Moving. Exaggerated. Retouched. Raw. Talking. Singing. Provoking… I’ve always wondered what would become of our sense of identity if we lived for extended periods in spaces devoid of us…so I’ve decided to build a place just like that. Right here in Tokyo. A single-occupancy hotel. Massive windowless rooms. ZERO representations of the human form. Mandatory minimum stay for guests will be three months. I plan on spending the rest of my life there. In the penthouse suite.”

nikko leno

“I tell this to everybody who asks me about the famous muthafuckas I’ve bumped into over the years: A lot of the people who do the most extraordinary things are far from extraordinary people… That’s a hard pill to swallow for niggas who think shiny-ones shit cinnamon rolls, but muthafuckas need to stop walkin’ around this bitch starry-eyed. Niggas always convulsin’ over muthafuckas like they ain’t just regular-ass people. I was around a lot of Hollywood muthafuckas when I played in L.A. Very needy. Self-centered. Self-important. With a whole fucking WORLD of people condoning their shit. I never understood why we celebrate muthafuckas who are lustin’ to be celebrated. It’s like we reward people for boldly bein’ full of themselves because we wish we could, but we’re just too scared to go for it, afraid no one will give a fuck… Hollywood was a hard-ass place to be for extended periods of time. Fuckin’ HATED home games. Those smug-ass muthafuckas sittin’ courtside thinkin’ if they flash you an ‘atta boy’ you suppose to gush like a goddamn schoolgirl.”

ac rivera

“Noy should’ve taken over the fucking world. Fuck that…Noy and AFRICA should’ve taken over the fucking world! That filtration system was INVENTED and BUILT by a NATIVE son! So why the hell was Mitch Vohn all up on the TV talkin’ about it? Noy gave that shit away…with Early’s FUCKING help! Early ain’t no hero man, just another brown face playin’ a ROLE in THEIR show. I don’t care if a’nigga got billions of dollars and own twenty-seven mansions; he’s still a’nigga livin’ in a world that does not belong to him. Like Oscar Shores said, ‘A brotha may have a’little dough IN a safe, but that don’t mean he IS safe.’”

ac rivera

“We were REFORMING bad money. We changed the fate of a’lotta bread back in the day. Some of that stuff was headed to buy more community destroyers, but we intervened; fixed it up, bought it a suit, gave it a haircut. It plants trees now, reads books at children’s hospitals.”

owens ezekial

“Money was gettin’ washed. That’s what kept that crazy thing afloat. You got two-hundred Gs that need a’bath? Dump it in ‘the market’ and watch it turn into a sports car that will be passed through a few hands and see a few paint jobs before pullin’ up on your driveway, superstar player in the driver’s seat, duffel bag in his lap, YOUR cash inside—broken up in a couple different currencies. That’s the kind of crazy mess it was. I did an investigative piece where I dropped a’hundred bucks in to see— I’m not gonna say anymore, you gotta go read the piece.”

tosca young